GOOD CLEAN FUN: How to have an awesome Staycation in the Capital District

How to have an awesome Staycation in the Capital District

If you are a Capital District resident, a staycation to Clifton Park or Saratoga Springs, NY may not sound too appealing. You may be craving the rest and relaxation of a faraway destination and the release from obligation that comes easily from being out of your own home. In delicate financial times it can be difficult to afford a vacation to an exciting, distant locale. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a break from your obligations! Here are some tips on how to take a mini-vacation that will cost you less and still recharge your batteries.

#1. Identify the most important part of vacationing for YOU. Is it seeing new things? Is it the novelty of allowing yourself to stop working? Is it just devoting some days to having pure fun?

#2. Set a budget for your staycation. If money is tight you will save most of the expense of a vacation (airfare/gas and lodging) by sleeping at home and making your short day trips to exciting places like: glamorous Latham, NY; the stylish and invigorating Albany, NY; funky and artistic Troy, NY; and the sleepy, quiet hideaway of Guilderland, NY. All silliness aside, you can begin to look at these local destinations in a new way and exploit all the local treasures which are so easy to ignore when you live in place.

#3. Using your budget and the priorities you identified, start to research local fun in our area. You may be surprised to find that there are lots of fun things to do here in your own town or one that is nearby, that you have previously overlooked. Try to approach this task as if you were an out-of-towner coming to the Capital District for the first time. Explore some local websites for ideas:

#4. Perhaps the most important step of a successful staycation is finding a way to release yourself of your obligations. Your home can be a constant reminder of all the things you need to do. Before going on your Staycation, make all the same arrangements you would if you were going faraway. Get your bills paid, find someone to take care of your plants and animals, hide everything in your home which reminds you of work, and hire someone to keep your home clean while you are off having fun and making messes. Splurge on true relaxation and let Dorina (518-542-1458) at Housekeeping-Specialist of Latham, NY, pamper you with a clean, orderly house.

If an exotic vacation in Bali isn’t in your budget this year, consider putting together a mini vacation budget which focuses on little splurges like a clean house, good meals, and lots of inexpensive local fun!

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