Kid Geography – Clean When??

Albany, NY. Schenectady, NY. Troy, NY. East Greenbush, NY. Saratoga, NY.

What do these 5 places have in common? If you live in the Capital District you likely go to several of them on a regular basis, transporting someone, somewhere! The true joy of raising children is really getting to intimately understand local geography. If you have any question about where these places are relative to each other, your questions are all cleared up as soon as your kids are old enough to have busy social calendars, activities, and lessons.

In the “Olden Days” the saying went:

Wash on Mondays
Iron on Tuesdays
Mend on Wednesdays
Churn on Thursdays
Clean on Fridays
Bake on Saturdays
Rest on Sundays

Well I don’t know if it was the “Olden Days” exactly but it had to have been close if they were still churning their own butter! Anyway, they had a plan and they got stuff done. Devoting an entire day to butter!? These folks had a few things right!

Nowadays we spend all our time driving somewhere. Our prescription should really look a little more like this:

Schenectady on Mondays (Soccer Practice)
Troy on Tuesdays (Theater Practice)
Watervliet on Wednesdays (Basketball Game)
Delmar on Thursdays (Voice Lessons Lessons)
Altamont on Fridays (Fiddle Lessons)
Guilderland on Saturdays (Swimming Lessons)
Collapse on Sundays (You’ll be so comatose you won’t be able to get out of bed anyway)

Look familiar? It’s a darn good thing we don’t have to churn anything. And if you have clean clothes to wear more than 50% of the time, you are doing AWESOME! Right? It makes the olden days look like a vacation. Wouldn’t you love to just stay home and Wash On Mondays? Not the reality we are living in, at the moment.

It may be time to slow things down. In the meantime, there is someone who can help keep the house in liveable order whilst you run your little ones and yourself all over creation. Her name? Dorina! A quick call to Dorina (518-542-1458) at Housekeeping-Specialist of Latham, NY can take some of the pressure off your busy transportation schedule. She will clean your house with nice non-toxic, green cleaning products. While you are at it, why not inquire about green car cleaning? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to chauffeur children in a car devoid of granola bar wrappers, empty juice boxes, socks, banana peels, and small unidentifiable plastic toys? With a clean car, a good book and your iPod you might even be able to convince yourself that car time is relaxing!

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