THE GREATEST “PUSH PRESENT” OF ALL: Or How To Give Your Wife The Best Rest of Her Life, Post-Partum

Or How To Give Your Wife The Best Rest of Her Life, Post-Partum

If you have the resources to shower your beloved with diamonds after your baby is born, good for you! The birth of your baby is such a beautiful, exciting time in your family’s life. One of the greatest gifts you can give your wife, daughter, sister, or friend is the gift of service. Many families organize Meal Trains to ensure the new family won’t have to cook, some hire post-partum doulas to provide emotional support and physical comfort measures, and others go the extra mile and hire a house cleaner or short term housekeeper to give their loved ones much needed serenity… Prosperity is a wonderful thing. But you know what goes great with diamonds?
Birthing a baby is one of the most grueling and exhausting of all physical feats, no matter how that baby is born. While blissfully satisfying, it can really make a new Mama want a nap. A long nap. As in days. Or weeks. And do you know what is the single biggest enemy to a great big nap?
And what piles up rapidly after the birth of your precious sweet bundle of joy? Answer: The Big Four– Laundry, Dishes, Trash, Dust Bunnies.
It can be really hard to stay in bed and rest knowing that the dishes are gathering in the kitchen sink, or that the trash hasn’t been taken out in a week. Those first few weeks after your baby is born, it can be tempting to overdue it as you try to keep up with mounting household cleaning tasks. As an expectant parent it can be hard to imagine what will be so different about your life that you will suddenly not have time to clean up after yourselves. But any parent of a new baby can confirm to you that time evaporates when you have a newborn.
Here we arrive at the greatest “push present,” “baby bauble,” “bundle of joy toy” since the diamond necklace… HOUSEKEEPING SERVICES! Dorina (518-542-1458) at Housekeeping-Specialist of Latham, NY will gladly join your army of postpartum helpers to make this precious, fleeting time special for both of you. You stay in bed with Mama and Baby and snuggle and coo at each other, take lots of photographs, sleep, sleep, sleep, and let Dorina keep your house under control. She is flexible about tailoring her services to meet your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask for help whether you need deep cleaning or just maintenance cleaning. While you rest peacefully and get those much-needed meals, Dorina will rid your home of trash, dishes, laundry and dust bunnies and she will use the best in non-toxic, green cleaning products to do it! This means you don’t have to worry about the mess NOR what the baby will be breathing because she will use safe supplies in your home. Just ask!
With or without the diamonds, your beloved will always cherish the greatest push presents of all— a clean house, a full belly, sleep, and time to enjoy the new baby!

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