Green Home Cleaning Service in Latham, NY

Housekeeping-Specialists – Latham, NYCleaning Services company uses Green Cleaning Supplies to clean your home.

Everyone wants a clean home and there are lots of home cleaning services, maid services, and house cleaning services in the Latham, NY area to choose from so why would you choose Housekeeping-Specialists to clean your home?

Hate the smell of harsh home cleaning agents?

Maybe you don’t like the environmental damage of harsh chemicals many maid and cleaning services use to clean your home.

The answer for many Latham, NY area residents is simple. Housekeeping-Specialists can clean your home with green cleaning supplies. Housekeeping-Specialist can use these green cleaning supplies to give you the clean home you desire without the environmental impact of harsh chemicals and clean your home without the harsh smells, or toxic compounds used by most home cleaning services in the Latham, NY area.

Not only do Housekeeping-Specialists offer green home cleaning services (green clean) but they are also locally owned and operated in Latham, NY.  Dorina, the owner of the company, travels with the cleaning team so that she can make sure that your home is always cleaned to her standards and using her methods.  Many home cleaning companies like “The Maids” and “Merry Maids” are owned by big companies outside the Latham, NY area and they send a team of people to clean your home but it may be a different team each time they come to clean your house.  Some teams may do a fine job cleaning your home and other teams may leave your home before it is really clean.

So if you want a locally owned, small business who uses green cleaning products and techniques to clean your house the way it needs to be cleaned, then the only home cleaning service in the Latham, NY area to choose is Housekeeping-Specialists.  So call Dorina today and set up an appointment to have your house cleaned by the cleaning professionals at Housekeeping-Specialists.

Or you can fill out the “house cleaning request form” to your right to get an estimate of what it would cost to have Housekeeping-Specialist come and clean your home.