House Cleaning Services in Halfmoon, NY

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Halfmoon, NY

We care about one thing… cleaning houses in the Halfmoon, NY area.  Whether you think of us as a maid service or a house cleaning service, the one thing that we do is residential house cleaning and maid service.

When I tell people that I started my businesses in Halfmoon, NY area as a cleaning lady and that evolved into a house cleaning service, people are often curious about the differences between “maid services” and “home cleaning services.” Typically the answer is one of culture or branding.  Some people think of “maid service” because of the home cleaning service company “The Maids”.  Most people, at least in Upstate New York regions like Halfmoon, NY, don’t have “maids” which tend to be full-time home cleaners. Most people simply employ cleaning ladies, home cleaning services, or a residential cleaning service.

Basically, no matter what you call us, we all do the very same thing.  We come to your home and we clean; we vacuum, we dust, we wash and wipe down counters, we clean the toilets, wipe down appliances and make sure that your home is well cleaned.

Some big companies in the residential home cleaning industry like “The Maids” employ a lot of people and send groups of house cleaners to your Halfmoon, NY area home to provide a variety of house cleaning services. They often send different groups of cleaners each time they clean your home.  You never know who is in your home cleaning, nor do you really know if each will have the same standards of cleanliness or house cleaning skills.  They may also be pressured to clean your home quickly or carelessly so they can meet some corporate “house cleaning goal.”

As I grew my home cleaning business, people really fell in love with the way that I clean houses and encouraged me to make sure everyone in my growing house cleaning services business learned my house cleaning standards.  I decided to go one better.  I only have one team of house cleaners and I am personally on that cleaning team.  I am personally on site at your home to make sure that the quality of our home cleaning services is always “the best of the Halfmoon, NY home cleaning industry.”